Taylor Duncan (originally from Dallas, Georgia) is the commissioner/director of the Alternative Baseball Organization. Duncan was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4. Due to the autism, he experienced speech issues, sensory issues, anxiety issues, and social stigma as a result of the developmental delays. Coaches often wouldn't give him the chance to play the game of baseball as a child due to preconceived ideas of what one with autism can and cannot do. 

Taylor Duncan and Atlanta Braves General Manager Alex Anthopoulos.

Taylor Duncan and Atlanta Braves General Manager Alex Anthopoulos.

Through the years with the help from his parents, teachers, mentors, and God, Duncan was finally deemed ready to play in a typical youth baseball league at the age of 12 and played one full season. Along the way, he strove to learn everything he could about America's Pastime.

The following year, a new coach took over and deemed Taylor an injury risk, cutting him from the team. Even though those were his circumstances, the young man did not give up. Throughout time, he continued to work on his mechanics and skills. In 2012, due to the lack of available baseball programs in the area, he turned to play slowpitch softball for a local church league squad. Because he told the coach he has autism, he was often benched during games and rarely saw any playing time. This, to him, was unacceptable as he wanted to strive to be the best he could be. This drove him to recruit players and establish his own team. Then in 2013, he took his newly established team to the championship game in the league's playoffs.

In 2014, he continued to seek the help from the best players in the sports of baseball and slowpitch to help him refine his mechanics and skills.  He attended Spring Training with the Pro's in Kissimmee, Florida and received one-on-one training from various players in other locations. After going through many highs, lows, successes, and disappointments, he founded the Alternative Baseball Organization as a developmental baseball program to pass down his learning experiences to others on the spectrum and with other special needs.

Duncan was awarded the Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) and Advanced Leadership Bronze (ALB) awards through Toastmasters International and Toastmasters of West Georgia. His two goals are to provide the opportunity for others on the spectrum and with other special needs to succeed in his program and to spread his message to inspire as many as possible around the world as a public speaker. For more information on his public speaking and for bookings, please visit www.taylorcduncan.com today.